A range of specialized offerings helps resolve your challenges:

Assessments: knowledge is power

How do you lead? Learn? Communicate? Where are your blind spots? What may derail your career or company? Many tools are available to help you and your organization achieve success.

Executive Coaching: who does the CEO talk to?

Confidentiality is key: Individualized coaching is a catalyst for change, providing leaders and managers the opportunity to optimize personal performance and positive impact.

Organizational Consulting: leadership, structure, and climate.

The lens of business psychology will bring clarity to structural, functional or cultural issues that may be undermining your organization. Broaden your field of vision: see clearly to act strategically.

Family Businesses: Resolving Internal Dramas

Family businesses and privately held companies may experience unique cultural challenges and relationship dynamics, including succession planning and partnership conflicts. Richard helps frame and repair organizational and family systems issues so your business can move forward and thrive.

Rapid growth: hiring, culture, and multi-tasking

New ventures have stages and stakeholders, from founding to funding, surviving to thriving. Building and managing effective teams is critical, and all of this happens while your company grows. A trusted business psychologist will help you, the entrepreneur, develop the skill set you need to stay on track.

Learning styles and diversity

Varied learning styles, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic status can be competing and compelling community realities. Schools must strategically and compassionately address issues surrounding enrollment, diversity and workplace culture.


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