Executive Coaching

Who Does the CEO Talk To?

Leaders need trusted, advisors for day-to-day stresses and large-scale challenges.  Too often, executives feel isolated by the need to project clarity and decisiveness to bosses, peers, direct reports, investors, and boards.   At times, your go-to problem-solving strategies aren’t addressing the current challenge — or the best navigational route is eluding you.

A critical element Richard brings to executive coaching is the Executive Learning Profile, a personalized assessment and action plan that leverages your natural business skills.  Developed through a dynamic coaching process that utilizes state-of-the-art cognitive and personality research, the Profile introduces new ways of thinking, acting, and leading that result in optimal performance.  

Do you understand how these factors may be influencing your performance? 

  • Communication style
  • Emotional “intelligence”
  • Temperament, moods and self-regulation
  • Executive functions and  cognitive processing style
  • Perceived competency gaps
  • Life challenges outside the office


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