Working It

What's Your Problem?

Phase 1: Needs Analysis

Achieving clarity on what’s happening and why can be problematic. Without a clear understanding of the root causes, progress and productivity may stall. A comprehensive review and clarification of your business sector, and your leadership and workforce capabilities, sets the foundation for our work together.

A High-Definition Picture

Phase 2: Sharpening the focus

Conventional business measures—financials, sales results, trend lines, spreadsheets— don’t do a good job in revealing many workplace issues. This is especially true when problems involve “people complexity.”  Phase 2 uses multiple lenses to uncover root causes of the challenges that your organization is facing.

Transformative Strategies

Phase 3: Making it happen

Gaining clarity about the forces at play is one thing.  Transformation is another matter: human nature so often resists change. A specialized tool kit and years of experience are used to support leaders and employees in the hard work of changing their thinking and behavior.  Results: an optimized workplace in key dimensions: human, cultural, performance and financial.

  • Define the problem: scope, depth and challenges as currently understood.
  • Identify the players: overt & covert roles
  • System analysis: structure, relationships, reporting expectations, communication flows, individual and team alignment.
  • Articulate and clarify the desired outcomes.
  • Interviews: listening to the real stories.
  • Historical context: defining what’s been tried before.
  • 360 Feedback Tools: getting the whole picture.
  • Assessment Inventories: deepening insight using targeted tools.
  • Identify a roadmap to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Cognitive Science: thinking differently.
  • Behavioral Science: acting differently
  • Aligning individual and corporate goals.
  • Resolving conflicts through essential conversations.
  • Building and enriching culture
  • Creating a process for continued growth, health and success.


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