Business Consulting in High Definition

Business Consulting in High Definition applies to individuals, teams and departments, creating the foundation for effecting change across the entire organization.

The starting gate for business consultation is agreement on the assignment. Who is the client, what are the reporting expectations and what are the desired outcomes? We then construct a picture of the organization…listening to the stories, interviewing key stakeholders, and framing organizational and systems issues. Our collaborative process creates client familiarity with our approach, trust, and provides the foundation for the next active phase.

We then convert the picture to high definition, targeting key strategic issues and challenges to establish mutually agreed-upon goals and objectives. In co-creating this action plan, we consider short, intermediate and long-term goals. We help our clients achieve their goals through a combination of consulting, training and coaching to build infrastructure and expand capacity, manage change, build high performance teams, develop mentoring/learning organizations, and/or take action around issues specific to their type of organization including:

Throughout the consulting engagement, we re-evaluate and incorporate feedback to adjust, fine tune, or re-direct our efforts to ensure a positive outcome. Flexibility and responsiveness are key characteristics of our work.

Moving forward, we shift our focus to developing strategies for sustaining growth and consolidating gains. Collaboratively, we develop the leadership, teams, individual talent and organizational procedures that create lasting change.

Why a biz psychologist?